Friday, July 15, 2011

The Mt. Crushmore Chronicles: Part 3

We are having trouble leaving Ten Sleep.  Not sure why. 

Surfers have some kind of slogan or mantra they abide by.  Something like: "Never pass up a day of good waves in hope that they'll get better tomorrow."  Sure, we could head on down the dusty trail for Lander or Maple Canyon but it's so good right here.  The skies are blue, the air is cool, the crags are uncrowded and those that do show up there have become our new friends.  In addition, our old friends from Fayetteville, Kirk and Crystal, just showed up.  Lilah is psyched to say the least.

We had a cumulative three projects that needed to be taken care of before leaving and 2 of 3 are done.  I finished up F'd in the A and Elissa fired off Blue Light Special leaving only the pesky Kyber Space for the Colinatrix.  Not a bad route to spend time on though...      
Kyber Space 5.13a/b: my wife ain't scared at all. 

I'm also excited to stick around and shoot a bunch of different video angles of this route.  It's pretty photogenic and I think I'll be able to put something good together.  I'll probably find some sicky rigs to climb in my free time at the crag.  There seems to be an abundance.   

Lord Kirkules drove 30 hours, got out of the car and onsighted The Great White Behemoth (5.12b) in its smug white face.  Simon Carter photo.  (Believable I know.  Don't be ashamed if you were tricked.  Most will not believe that I took this amazing photo.)

I put a little more video together but it's kind of half-assed as usual.  Still worth watching though if you're my mom but if you're anyone else...probably not.  Some footage of our friend Blake Cash climbing on the absolute best route at Ten Sleep, Hellion (5.13c).  With perfect rock and great moves including a shallow one finger pull at the crux, Hellion is certainly the best 5.13, if not the best route at the crag.  It must be said that video magic was used to portray a clean ascent but the truth is, Blake's patience wore thin and he headed back to the knee-bar promise land of Rifle, Colorado before clinching the redpoint.  It's apparent from the video that Blake is absolutely capable of the route and I'm sure he'll be back for it soon.  

The second half of the short video is from one of our best days of the trip.  The fourth of July, 65th annual Ten Sleep rodeo.  As you'll be able to tell, this rodeo is the real deal right down to the spectators.  Look for the Mutton Bustin', my favorite part, where small children are set atop sheep and then ride them like bucking bulls in a race.  Carnage ensues to the delight of the onlookers.  Much like Thunderdome, many children enter Mutton Bustin' but few leave unscathed. 

Click on the Crushmore Crew below to see the video. 



Monday, July 4, 2011

Nothing is more American than getting thrown to the ground by a wild animal

Landing hard on American soil. 

America, meet my face hole. 

I challenge you to find something French in this photo.

Any of you other countries want to tackle this horse with your bare hands?

Happy Birthday, America. 

Hold on cowboy, this ain't my first rodeo.

I've got some video to go with these photos.  Just gotta put it together.  I hope everyone enjoyed being American today.  I did.