Saturday, June 28, 2014


Cast aside on this isolated misfit island continent, the critters here seem to have defied the wishes of evolution just for the sake of humoring me. They look, and act, so dumb.

We've been calling this parrot bird "the red and green." They're everywhere. There is also a sick-looking "red and blue" that I haven't been able to get a good photo of yet. 

 The Wallaby. Hilarious. Look at his little tongue and his crossed eyes. He crept up to EC's backpack when we were away and stole her banana peel. 

Hey man, I hear what you're saying, but I also hear some stuff over there to my right...and it sounds way more interesting than what you're talking about...but I'm going to stare intently into your eyes to make you feel like what you're saying is important to me because I don't want you to know that I now have no idea what you're talking about. Should I nod my head now...? Yeah, probably. 

 They call these shitheads Magpies but they're not like the ones we have. These guys wake up at the crack of dawn and make the most eerie underwater gargling call. It's strange. They are also crafty like crows and wicked territorial. 

The far the winner of the dumbest looking animal award. When it runs, it's so apparent that it doesn't have arms. Like in-your-face, doesn't have arms. 

Purple Galinule I think? 

 The Kookaburra: LEGENDARY!

Cockatiels that ate too much acid and now have to watch their feet to walk forward. Seriously, when they walk, they stare down at their feet and march forward deliberately like Hitler's army. And their eyes light up with such pleasure when they see their knee-less legs march forward. "Vee are doing it! Vee are marching!"

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Dark Continent

We're not in Africa but it's dark here too... Always dark it seems. It hasn't been the best weather for climbing; actually it's been terrible weather, but we're still having a great time. A couple of bullet points about Australia:

Internet is awful. There isn't really a good option so I have to be brief which I'm not good at. Here's some photos and videos:

These are our campsite pals, Mama Roocifer and Big Joey Hopsalot. 

...and that's it. The internet is so busted here. This is why America is a world superpower and no one in Australia can have guns or freedom.