Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ten Sleezy

When we left off before, Max was under the knife.  His driveshaft finally got replaced and we jumped in the rig and drove straight for Ten Sleep.  We were a few days late to arrive which wouldn't have been a big deal but we were scheduled to meet my good buddy Devlin and his new family, Ana, and Chanti.  Devlin and I have been good climbing buds for many years and I was very excited to see them.  So we hustled up to the crag, met the Junker family, and got a bit of climbing in.  It was late in the day when we arrived but it stays light until 10:00 so we were good.   

    Ana, Chanti, and Devlin Junker

My first impression of Ten Sleep was this it is a lot like Smith Rock, Oregon.  Despite it being limestone, it's more like Smith Rock tuff than any other limestone I've encountered.  It turns out that the Slavery wall, our first crag, is more Smith-like then the other crags.  The first thing I saw when hiking up was Gold Member.  It is the super obvious gold streak that begs to be climbed. 

Gold Member

I damn near sent it second go, but had to come back for it.  An excellent route.  Colley picked off a 12 dogface to work on but once we saw some of the other crags we haven't been back to slavery.  Superratic and French Cattle Ranch are phenomenal.  Blue, white, and gold limestone as good as anything in Ceuse. 


I wish I had one of my old photos to post along side this one.  I've got many pictures of Devlin's old late 70's, bright orange VW bus parked next to my 1986 bronze VW.  We've been parked like this all over the country.  Our old rigs were named Tracy and Troy.  The new rigs: Mad Max and the Tiger.


Of course, lots has happened since we've been here but I'd like to take the opportunity to catch up on the video blog.  Click the image below for Part 1 of The Mt. Crushmore Chronicles. 

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