Friday, February 26, 2010

Nothing is as easy as it seems...

I've been working on the rig. First step was to get everything out. the shelving came out easy. The bulkhead was a bear. It sounds so simple to drill out the rivets holding it in but of course I broke a bunch of bits and had to take more trips to Lowes. Before I knew it, it had been an all day affair. The next day I took out the plastic wall paneling and installed the insulation. This rig is gonna be warm in the winter.

Yesterday dad came up to help me with the wiring. I'm going to have a deep cycle battery under the passenger seat. the fuse box is going to be in the cabinet under the sink behind the driver's seat. You can see the wiring in the picture. I've got a pretty simple electrical set-up so far. One fluorescent for lighting the main living area, 2 leds for lighting the kitchen area, a fan in the right rear, an inverter, and a 12v socket. The 12v socket may eventually power the fridge. All the wiring had to be run first so it could be under the wood paneling which goes in tomorrow.

I wanted to cut the wall panels first so I could stain the edges but... I ran out of time and knew I'd be a full day behind if I didn't get the stain on today. I'll cut the panel tomorrow and for the rest of my life live with the unstained 5mm edges on the panels. Unless it's gonna drive me crazy, then I'll stain the edge. We'll see how noticable it is. Keep in mind most of the panel edges will be hidden by cabinetry. we'll see.

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