Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bed's in.

Just like dad said, "think about how long things will take you then multiply by pi." It took me about 2 full days to create this monstrosity of a bed. If space wasn't an issue it would be easy but when you're working to try to save inches it's difficult. I used 2x2's across the top for 17" clearance. Large tupperware bins are 17" high. The van is 5' 8" wide. If we were short we would have a standard sideways bed. It's angled to accomodate my extra 2 inches. I may add a small vertical cabinet in the back rear corner. I like the way the angled bed turned out though. It has character. It also makes it easier to sit on the edge and prepare meals on the countertop that isn't in yet.

Although the van is 10 inches shorter on living space than the old Westy I mangaged to only lose 3 inches on the wide part of the bed and I actually gained 3 on the narrow side. The box structure near the door is for the heater. I may add a door to that. Then there will be a 15 inch door that will have a 2 foot deep cabinet. Next to that will be the custom dog cave.

Cabinets go in next. The battery isolator showed up today. So did the 'water pump' which I was lead to believe was a 'water pump'. It turned out to be a manual hand pump with a 3 inch handle on it. It would take an hour to fill a bottle so I gotta return that one. I found a sweet deal on a combo package and ordered a new faucet and inline water pump.
Those little cabinets will be under the mattress so you'll have to pull back the bedding to access them. I'm going to have propane and water hoses running through them as well. Good for long term storage stuff like extra blankets.

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postmaster said...

I often use the term 'back rear corner' to describe the location of things. This adds mystique and intrigue to my already fascinating character.