Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Last we left off we were sitting here in Gap having a nice quiet dinner and some guy jumped off the clock tower and killed himself. Crazy. After that we headed back up to Ceuse and climbed two more days. After two more days we were feeling really worn down. After the hour hike in the 90 degree heat we barely felt like climbing. Ceuse is amazing but the hike coupled with the heat plus waiting until 3:30 to start climbing then climbing till 9:00 before heading back down for dinner.....wore us out. So we split and headed for cooler climates.

We drove back north to Briancon and got a guidebook. Unbelievable how much climbing is around here. The photo above is the view from an area called Rue de Masque. Conglomerate climbing like maple canyon. Quite chossy but fun. The one to the left is the second area we visited called Pelvoux. Looks like Rumney right? Very similar. Granite climbing, bouldery.

After we climbed here we headed up this other valley to check out another crag called Entrayques. High altitude gneiss with a bunch of hard routes. The valley was incredible but this raging river kept us from getting to the crag. The bridge was washed out so no climbing for us there. This is a picture of the valley.

We've been having trouble getting any climbing pictures. Since it's just the two of us we can't climb and photograph or video. I tried my patented hands-free head cam and got some great footage of Elissa's feet crushing a 7b+. The key to good footage with the head cam is to hold your jaw open to keep the camera steady. Patent number 09578-347. don't try to steal this idea.

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Anita said...

Gorgeous photos! Even the one with your mouth open, Mike. Cute. Regarding patents; maybe you can patent a translator add-on that you could then sell for millions to the folks at Google Translate... then I'd know what some of this climbing jargon meant.

Sigh; don'tcha love it when your clueless relatives follow you?!