Thursday, July 8, 2010

So last we left off we were heading to Italy to get a pizza. We got stuck in traffic so we never made it. But we ended up in Briancon at this castle and some medieval festival. We got a pizza. We also ran into Ivo Ninov in the restaurant. I thought he looked familiar and when I asked him if we'd ever met he answered in that unmistakable accent "I've been living in the valley for 10 years." Small world.
It didn't surprise me at all. The next day we went back to Ceuse and I ran into my friend Zach that I haven't seen in years. Had a crappy day climbing though cause some Italians kept us up all night. They were drinking wine all night.
Elissa claims " they can't help it, it's in their culture." Well, their culture sucks in my opinion. I climbed one obscure route called Super Mikey. nice.

We felt really worn down and so decided to leave Ceuse and drive south to Orpierre. It was sun baked so we kept going to St. Leger. It's amazing to drive around here weaving through the hills and seeing castles up on top and little villages.
Check out this picture. The cliffs in France are chipped all to pieces. I know it's the birthplace of sport climbing but come on...that is serious chipping.
Gorges du something. man this internet is so slow this has taken hours and dinner just arrived. Lots more

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alex said...

I had that same "it's their culture" conflict when I was in Spain; I'm not sure how I feel about it. As the foreigner, I felt like it wasn't my place to correct them, and yet, as a Southerner, I felt like I should make them aware of their indecorous behavior. Just wake up early and blast Johnny Cash (and sing along) as you make breakfast.